Windows Vista error Code 80072F8F

I saw this error code this past weekend when I was working on my parents’ new laptop, which runs Windows Vista Home (I think that’s the version). It took me a while to figure out, but all it meant was that there was an issue trying to get an update. The reason: the computer’s date had been set 4 years into the past. Once I went and corrected the date, Vista was able to update correctly. Take that, Code 80072F8F!

After testing this on my work computer, I found that this also that the McAfee AutoUpdate will fail to update as well if the computer’s date is in the past as well. So, if you see that error message in Vista, or have issues with antivirus and other programs failing to update, check the date.

6 thoughts on “Windows Vista error Code 80072F8F”

  1. I still get this error code even though the date and time are syncronised.

    Thanking you stephen baguley uk

  2. Listen hear guys there is a BIGGER problem than the fucking date and time, ive been researching this problem for quite some time now, and to no prevail, ive been through close to a mental lock down, there are hundreds of people with the exact same problem, and NO ONE has a solution, trust me i know, best bet is to through your fucking laptop at the microsoft building , at least youl feel better…

  3. And you’ve done everything from the Microsoft support article? What else have you tried?

  4. The microsoft solution only applies if your windows time/date and or bios time/date are set incorrectly. In my case that solution + all the others you can find on a google search do dick all. What’s also odd is my other computer on the same lan with the same OS does not have the issue. I even set the time on my router which wasn’t correct, but didn’t fix the issue, nor did it cause a problem before.

    If I dont’ find a solution soon, i’m just going to format, likely to win7RC because it’s my older pc having the prob and i don’t use it for much more than email chating and downloading…

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