I am the Computer Whisperer

While looking for a solution to a registry issue last week, I came across this post on the UBCD4Win forums, and a specific quote caught my eye:

Ok… about the registry and some possible solutions. Note that there is no one correct answer for this problem because there can be a number of actual possible causes of a corruption and therefore several possible solutions. Repairing a Windows system is almost an art form so when a tech is working on one.. they will often base what procedure they choose from the way the system acts. This is not something that can be taught.. it just take time for them to learn it.

Truer words have not been said, and I cannot agree more with this statement.  While I have worked on computers that are the same make and model with the same issue, the solution is always just a little bit different, owning to how the owner used the computer or the manner in which the issue occurred.  Sometimes the standard method for fixing a computer needs to be abandoned due to the way the computer is responding, and this can be caused based on the time it takes a computer to load, a screen to render, or the sound of a fan, hard drive, or CD spinning up when it doesn’t need to.

On a some what related note, one of my staff had dropped off a computer for me to work on back in April of last year.  I kept it in my overhead cabinet until this afternoon, where he was giving me grief for not working on it (not that he has asked about it much before hand), and I grudgingly told him I would look at it.  The issue had been that the computer would not boot up, or when it did, he wouldn’t be able to access files.  He had tried a number of suggestions with using the UBCD4Windows from me previously, but to no avail.  I setup the laptop on my desktop and *BOOM!* it turned on.  I ignored this computer for almost a year and it now works.  After showing the computer who was boss (sticking it in solitary confinement and letting it bask in my computer-fixing presence) it is now ready to continue doing it’s job.

This is not the first time my mere presence has fixed a computer, nor will it be the last; my computer fixing techniques are innate.

I am the Computer Whisperer.

3 thoughts on “I am the Computer Whisperer”

  1. There are many times people bring computers to me and merely turning it on using my “magic finger” makes it work.

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